Animated Disney Films That Shouldn't Get Live-Action Adaptations, Because Not Every Cartoon Needs A Reboot

Why is this happening? Are we really running out of ideas this quickly in Hollywood? Disney has decided to take another stab at making a Winnie the Pooh live-action movie. That's right folks, the adorable, honey-loving, huggable animated bear we, Christopher Robin, and all our pals down in the Hundred-Acre Woods know and love is going CGI, all in the name of live-action reboots. According to Deadline, the story will apparently focus on an adult Christopher Robin, who is reunited with Pooh Bear and the Hundred-Acre Woods. The film will be written by acclaimed indie filmmaker Alex Ross Perry who made 2014's Listen Up Phillip, so thankfully the project will have some pedigree — but seriously, why do this in the first place? Honestly, it just feels like there are a few Disney animated films that shouldn't get live-action adaptations.

I understand wanting to make a live-action Beauty and the Beast . I understand wanting to make a live-action Mulan (though the Mushu thing confuses me, but I'm willing to get over that). But, what benefit is there in making a live-action Winnie the Pooh movie? And how would this even happen? I'm genuinely worried we're looking at a Ted-type movie here without the irreverent comedy, making it that much worse.

There are a few Disney projects that should just simply stay in their animated form because, otherwise, it almost feels like a mockery of the original, beautiful projects that preceded them.

Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats, Bolt, and Oliver and Company

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Making live-action versions of animated films involving mainly dogs and cats just doesn't seem like the best use of Disney's time. If things really have to be adapted, better to take on the more-human related options lest you get in trouble with PETA over mistreatment of the animals.


I know, I know. Dumbo is already getting a live-action treatment. But why? And how? No matter how cute the idea would be and how many times we dream up the perfect cast for the live-action remake (yes, I know Anna Kendrick would be an adorable Dumbo) it just doesn't seem feasible. (But since it's already happening apparently, here's a tip to those involved in making it: Let's cut out the Jim Crow stuff. No one needs to see that.)

The Great Mouse Detective & The Rescuers

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We're again back to the animals thing. But for these films, I really just want Disney to keep away because the originals are just so much fun.


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They wouldn't... right? It just wouldn't make sense!

Emperor’s New Groove

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This one could be intriguing, though I don't know how you would top the animated comedic moments in the live-action realm.


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I guess we've already seen what this would look like. Thanks, Saturday Night Live.

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