21 Mermaid Fashion And Beauty Items For Spring — Because Everyone Wants To Be A Millennial Mermaid

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Hands up, who had a mermaid doll when they were small? Or better yet, who was obsessed with mermaids in general? Yeah, me too. My favorites were not the Barbies with the extra long, stroke-able hair, or the official Disney Ariel's, though. Nope. My mermaids of choice were the $2 variety that hung in cheap, badly designed packaging at the very top shelf of the corner shop. When my mom and I went on an errand, I would stare up at them longingly. I would make up any old tale just to get one. What I loved the most about them was the satisfyingly crisp metallic, cheap fabric their tails were made from. The soft crackle it made when handled was akin to the sound of candy being unwrapped. It glinted, shimmering iridescently — greenish, bluish, lilac.That is why, when I started spotting this nostalgic acrylic material popping up all over the high street, I was flooded with a melancholic glow. Stumbling upon The Ragged Priest's metallic raincoats in Topshop gave me butterflies. I yearned for them the same way I did for those Barbie knockoffs. Safe to say, I am seriously enjoying the holographic trend.So in honor of my four-year-old's plastic muses (and just because, you know, I love mermaids), I have compiled for you, my lovelies, a selection of sentimental mermaid-inspired finds. Everyone loves a mermaid (especially me) — so get your salt spray out and your shell bra on, and head to the beach, because spring is here and it's time to get nymphy.

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