8 Times Usher Taught Us Everything We Needed To Know About Love And Life

I love Usher. If I wasn't with my boyfriend, I would be with Usher. I know what you're thinking: "No, you wouldn't." But I'm telling you, on no uncertain terms, that I definitely would. Usher has been my dream guy since 1998, and nothing will change that, not even a song featuring Chris Brown (you're allowed to unfriend me for saying that). Usher has been Usher since he was 16, so it follows that he's got ALL the wisdom needed for life and love. If you don't believe me, the proof is right there in his back catalog, which I suggest you start listening to IMMEDIATELY. If you don't fall in love with him, his beautiful voice, cheeky smile and sexy dance moves, then there's probably a lump of coal where your throbbing loins should be.

From Usher, we learn the important things in life: how to love ourselves, when to let go, how to love passionately and how to dance. I mean, if that's not a playbook for happy living, I'm not sure what is. So if you need good life advice, turn to Usher Raymond, performance artist, sex machine and all-around genius. Here are 8 times Usher gave me good life and love advice:

1. Don't let the haters get you down

As Usher would say, "You know you're doin' good 'cause they jealous...pop ya collar, don't let 'em sweat ya!" This is basically the best piece of life advice you'll ever get: Don't let the bastards get you down. You just keep doing you.

2. The best way is nice and slow

Usher is nothing if not a sensual man. Sometimes love is nice and slow, and yep, sometimes it's about a man satisfying a woman too! Usher is all about giving the ladies their dues.

3. Platonic friendships are pretty touch and go...

Usher had some trouble when he wanted to leave his girlfriend for his best female friend in "You Make Me Wanna", which goes to show that platonic friendships aren't always possible. It also teaches us that the most fulfilling romantic relationships can occur when two people are best friends as well as lovers.

4. Real men aren't afraid to love and commit

Sure, Usher's got songs about playing it fast and loose in the love game, but hey, he's a good looking guy! He's also a guy who, when he's in love (like he was with Chili, way back when), he's in LOVE. From Usher we can learn that real men aren't total assholes when it comes to their feelings and committing to a woman.

5. This fun dance


6. Karma's a bitch

In "Caught Up", Usher's "player" karma catches up with him, and he meets a woman who gives his a taste of his own philandering medicine. Learn the lesson: Treat others as you'd like to be treated, because everything comes back to you.

7. Breaking up is hard to do

"Burn" and "Climax" might be two of the more heart-wrenching breakup songs of all time. They both paint a deeply intimate picture of a relationship that has reached its end, not through one specific event, but by erosion called by time and individual hubris. Usher knows that breaking up is a beautiful sadness, that it doesn't always happen with shouting and a big bang, and that love isn't always enough to keep two people together.

8. The club is as good a place as any for love

Urges are urges. If Usher thinks it's okay to do it in the club, then it's okay. There is obviously no flaw in this logic.

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