There's A Britney Spears Class & It Sounds Like The Perfect Excuse To Break Out The Brit Brit Number 2 Pencils

Something really important is happening in Brooklyn. And that something is a class that's all about Britney Spears. Since last December, Brit Brit scholars Rachel Goldberg and Suri Ratnatunga (aka my new heroes) have been hosting "Britney Spears: From Humble Beginnings to Pop Icon" out of Goldberg's Greenpoint apartment. And it sounds like a fantasy (by Britney Spears) come true. What's the course all about? I'll let the following excerpt from the Britney Spears 101 site explain:

Whether it’s through her most iconic songs or little-known facts about her life, we’ll make a compelling case for why Britney Spears is not only a feminist icon, but also why we as a society cannot get enough of her (hint: it’s because she’s the greatest living artist of our times and her music is danceable and ahhhmazing).

You had me at "Whether". AUGHHHH I want to go so badly. Alas, I live on the other side of the country. I reckon I will just have to admire this wondrous workshop from afar.

If I WERE to attend this class, I'd scrounge up all of the Godney-themed supplies and course materials I could find. It's been a minute since I was a student, and if there's one thing I miss about academia, it's the back to school shopping. All of the notebook pages are so empty! The pens are so full of ink! The highlighters have yet to dry out! The textbooks have yet to be destroyed by annotations! There's the "I am going to crush it this semester" feeling that hits you as you walk away from the register! (Spoiler alert: That feeling usually fades around week two of the school year.)

Back to Britney school shopping would run circles around regular back to school shopping. Here's everything I'd buy to prep for Britney Spears 101:

The proper backpack


The proper decorative buttons

I would adorn the backpack with these pins.

The proper writing utensils

Bring on the Scantron.

The proper stickers

I would buy a plain Five Star notebook and cover every square inch of it with Britney stickers. It'd be the most beautiful notebook in all the land.

The proper textbook

Essential reading.

The proper media

It's always good to be prepared. You never know when someone might break out a PS2 and want to dance it out some of Godney's greatest hits. Man, I wish playing Britney's Dance Beat was part of my school's P.E. curriculum. That'd be a game-changer (for the first time in my life, the pun was not intended).

The proper uniform


The proper sweatshirt

Just in case it gets a little chilly. I might buy this sweatshirt anyway. I mean, look at it. It's so magnificent.

The proper hairdo

I have short, unbraidable hair, so this stunning wig would be my solution. I would want to look my best for Britney 101.

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