Diddy Producing Animated Series 'Brightmoor' For FX & We Can Probably Expect These 6 Things

At one point in life, I can clearly recall questioning Diddy's "And we won't stop, 'cause we can't stop" mantra. I call BS on that notion, I mumbled to myself in defiance, because what human being doesn't need a break? The music, TV and fashion mogul must've discovered a way to avert the mentally, emotionally and physically taxing effects of burnout because after covering an astounding amount of professional ground, he has another project: Diddy will produce Brightmoor , an animated comedy for FX.

According to Deadline, Brightmoor will follow a group of African-American children, and has been pegged as a "South Park set in inner-city Detroit." King of the Hill's Chip Powell is the show's creator and writer, along with Detroit comedian Chris Powell. Based off the few details we have, I can't help but think Brightmoor will feature content along the lines of Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks. Given the South Park reference, maybe Kenny will make a guest appearance (which of course will be followed by his eventual gruesome death, because that's just how Kenny rolls).

Anyway, while the show is in the developmental phase, let's partake in a little bit more speculation, shall we? What exactly can we expect from a cartoon produced by Diddy?

Some Major Statements on Politics and Education

As he once warned us, Rock the Vote... or else. And after delivering commencement speeches, Diddy couldn't possibly produce a show about a school-aged children without stressing the importance of education.

A Banging Soundtrack

It just might give the Timbaland-produced Empire soundtrack a run for its money.

A Diddy Cameo

Remember when he used to be all in the videos? I fully expect an animated Diddy to guest star on Brightmoor.

Some Heavy Product Placement

Including animated appearances by Sean John and CIROC.

Guest Appearances By His Children

Rumor has it that Diddy didn't want his son Quincy starring on Empire, so here's his chance to make up for that missed opportunity.

A Subtle Diss Aimed at All His Haters

The show wouldn't be complete without it.

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