Rihanna Wore A Jacket As A Dress (And So Can You!)

Like pretty much everyone else in America, I'm really ready to put my coats and jackets away for the year. But then Rihanna wore a jacket as a dress during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and I've completely changed my mind. Although I'm confident she totally had clothes on underneath, Rihanna never opened (or took off) the jacket, thus constituting it as a dress. And unlike most of her outfit decisions, I think this is one even Average Jane's like myself can replicate.

The coat (dress) in question was a Moschino Blue Pastel Boucle number, which the singer styled with a pair of DSquared2 strappy heels, big silver hoops, and her version of a mullet. Now, what she had on underneath will remain a mystery. But the fact that she was wearing actual clothes under there makes me wonder: Did Rihanna plan on wearing the coat as a dress, on purpose, or was it a last minute decision? As meticulous as I'm sure Rihanna is when it comes to her outfits, I just don't know why she wore clothes underneath at all – that is, if she had planned to wear the jacket as a dress. I mean, it wouldn't have been the first time she chose to go commando under a jacket or a cardigan or a dress made of crystals.

My questions aside, I feel like this is a look worth trying. So before you pack away your favorite jackets, get inspired and try it on for size. Here are 5 tips for wearing a jacket as dress.

1. Check The Weather, First

I mean, honestly, do you want to have your outfit go to waste because it's windy outside? Make sure you aren't going to have an outfit malfunction before you put it on. Try it out first!

2. Make Sure The Jacket Is Long Enough

I don't mean to take you back to high school, but this is important. I'm not necessarily saying that your jacket should come to the tips of your fingers, but maybe that is what I'm saying. Just remember: if it feels too short, it probably is too short.

3. Pair It With The Right Shoes

When it comes to something that shows a lot of leg, you have to be careful about what shoes you wear. If the heel is too high, it'll make your dress look more like a jacket. If your shoes are too flat, you can totally chop your height in half. Test a few pairs before you set your mind on one because whatever looks and feels best on you is what you should wear.

4. Don't Overdo It With The Accessories

Like Rihanna, go easy on the accessories for an outfit like this. Remember that less is more and take off the six gold chains and arm-full of bangles that you put on.

5. Own It

I feel like there is nothing worse than someone in a cute outfit who looks uncomfortable. So stop tugging at the hem, and trying to cover up because let's face it: You chose to wear a jacket as a dress—I don't think it's going to get any longer. Channel Rihanna, take a deep breath, and strut your stuff with confidence.

Images: Youtube; Giphy(3)