Muji's Price Cuts Are Here to Stay

From home appliances to clothes and seriously everything in between, Japanese retailer Muji has always had neat gadgets and adorable minimalistic home decor for any household. Their prices have been affordable, considering the quality of all their products, but it was just reported that Muji is implementing a permanent price cut. A forever sale, you say? My wallet better watch out.

There will be over 650 items that will receive this price cut at all the US Muji locations.That pans out to about one in every four Muji products. The price cuts definitely vary depending on the items and while the reduced price doesn’t seem very big,it definitely adds up (especially when you're buying adorable little plates by the dozen!). Notebooks with recycled paper have gone from $4.75 to $4 while plastic drawers have gone from $39.50 to $30.

A press release stated, “Although consumers often misunderstand Muji’s reductions as a reflection of flagging sales or an imminent store closing, the reductions are part of Muji’s core philosophy called ‘zutto yoi ne’ (‘always good prices’).” In Japan, these price cuts are entirely normal, but it’s a first at the US locations.

You can find a Muji US location near you and check out the sales on their website. But before you go, here are 5 "price-cut" items that are must-haves:

1. Handheld Paper Shredder

(Handy Shredder, $7.50,

2. Plastic Desk Drawers

(PP Desk Case - 6 Drawers, $30,

3. Cotton Floor Chair

(Cotton Calico Floor Chair Cover Large Ecru, $30,

4. Rattan Storage Basket

(Stackable Square Rattan Basket with Handle - L, $60,

5. Cat Memo Pads

(Stickies Memo: Cats, $4.50,

Images: MUJIUSA/Facebook, Muji