All Your Heel Dreams Are Coming True

We've all had those moments when we've had a long day and really wish we were wearing a pair of flats instead of the 3-4 inch heels we ambitiously decided to wear. Well, don't fret any longer because interchangeable heels by Tanya Heath are coming! The shoes will allow the wearer to switch between a 3.5 inch heel and a 1.5 inch heel. Talk about genius!

The designer spoke with the Huffington Post about her inspired designs. Speaking on how the brilliant idea came to her, Heath states:

"During my first job here in Paris. I changed out of my ballerina flats and put on high heels for work and everyone just started ridiculing me and calling me "la New-Yorkaise," so I stopped wearing ballerinas in the metro. I was only wearing heels, which at that time, we're talking 20 years ago, that's what Parisian women did. And then gradually I started destroying my feet. I had my three children and I was wearing high heels even while being pregnant just to go to work. The real moment came six years ago when I met another designer who had revolutionized the lingerie industry and she gave me the courage to go out on my own and explore the idea."

While many of us won't have the experience of being ridiculed on the Parisian metro, the desire to have a halfway point between stilettos and flats is definitely not an obscure experience. I certainly don't want to wear my highest heels around the office, but I definitely still want to rock them for happy hour. Being able to switch out my heels would be ridiculously convenient and no one wants to lug around another pair of shoes in their bag. Apparently though, shoes aren't the only thing Tanya Heath has in store for us. In the interview she hints:

"We're coming out with a handbag in a few more months... I won't say more on it, but the handbag will be as revolutionary as the shoe. As the brand evolves, we will continually ask ourselves, "Is it possible to make a fashionable product that makes women look good but also allows them to live their busy days?" And if the answer is yes, we will try to do it."

I, for one, can't wait for anything Tanya Heath comes out with next. With a shoe design that stylish and brilliant, I'm definitely down for any other venture she may decide to try.

Images: Tanya Heath Paris; Instagram (3)