Derek Shepherd Reconnected With Meredith & His Sister On 'Grey's Anatomy' & All Is Right With The World

I hadn't realized just how much I missed Patrick Dempsey until this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Derek Shepherd is officially back in Seattle, and his easygoing attitude is so refreshing. The show had gotten kind of dark between Callie and Arizona's split and the whole "did Derek cheat?" story line, so it was nice to see him back at the hospital and back in the good graces of all around him.

Meredith isn't the only person Derek was on the rocks with before he fled to D.C. Shortly before leaving he had competed with his sister for the head of neurosurgery spot, and wanted to win so badly that he told the chief about her history of drug addiction. Throwing his sister under the bus was a low point in Derek's trajectory on the show, and I'm so glad to see that it's all behind him.

Not only did he come back for his children and for Meredith, but they seem to have put all their issues aside and are back to being sickeningly and adorably in love. But Derek also mended some issues with his sister. Upon returning to Seattle full time he now works underneath Amelia Shepherd. His sister was rightfully nervous that Derek would try to usurp her, but he's really turned a corner and said he's perfectly happy having his sister for a boss and doing small brain surgeries.

"He's different, " Meredith acknowledged to Amelia. "I think he realizes what makes him happy and he's choosing it, and that makes me happy."

It would have been sad to see Derek return to his family only out of obligation rather than actually wanting to come back. But it seems like D.C. really did him a lot of good. It helped him see what's important in life, and for him it's not doing groundbreaking surgeries anymore. In a touching scene with his sister he explained that he could be happy just clipping aneurisms because that's still saving a life and making a difference. But it also allows him to be there for his family in a way he hadn't been when he was trying to change the face of medicine.

"I don't want to miss another second," he told Amelia. "I want to coach soccer and go to ballet recitles. I don't need to change the world."

And that may be true, but I'd even argue that he's changing his own world by finally engaging with his family in a meaningful way. He's the best version of himself right now, and it's a wonderful breath of fresh air. We missed you, Derek, and we hope you never leave again.

Images: ABC screengrab; itsnotjustanotherlovestory