Sandra Bullock Defends Hollywood

You usually see people going on and on about how terrible Hollywood is, so this is a pretty (nice?) change: In her acceptance speech at the Hollywood Film Awards last night, Sandra Bullock defended Hollywood, stating that the film industry as a whole has a "bad reputation" in the media:

The Hollywood I know is thousands upon thousands of people who work tireless hours to achieve one goal, which is storytelling...The Hollywood I know had a studio like Warner Bros. say, 'Okay, we'll fund that movie that you can't explain...The Hollywood I know has allowed me opportunity after opportunity to keep trying and keep doing things and not send me out to pasture. I don't want to go to the pasture.
So, I'm grateful that I'm still here...The Hollywood I know has allowed me so many great moments. It's allowed me to be a better parent. It's allowed me to take care of my family. It's allowed me to work with crew members who will never get the credit [they deserve].

Sandra Bullock has reason to say this, if you think about it: She's pretty much the only actress I can think of who can go from winning an Oscar in a serious drama to stuffing peanuts up her nose in a buddy cop comedy, then goes back to a serious drama that'll probably win her another Oscar — seamlessly.