Other '90s Shows That Totally Need Spinoffs ASAP

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

UPDATE: On April 20, John Stamos announced that Fuller House had received a 13 episode order from Netflix. It's actually happening, you guys. There's still no word on whether the entire original cast will get back together for the season premiere, but the series proper will follow DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie after the three women move in together to care for all their children together.

We are living in the golden era of the TV and movie reboot, and these new reports of a Full House spinoff called Fuller House potentially in the works indicate it may be the next series to get in on the trend. According to TVLine, sources say a "13-episode multi-cam continuation" of the classic '90s TV series could be coming to Netflix. The remake would reportedly star Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber as D.J. and Kimmy, with former cast members John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier possibly making guest appearances. TVLine's source adds that Stamos will produce the rumored series, and Jeff Franklin, the original show's creator, will reportedly executive-produce. (Sadly, as exciting as this news is, both Netflix and Warner Brothers have yet to release a comment confirming or denying Fuller House.) Audiences seem to know what want, and apparently, it's nostalgia — specifically, more '90s television show spinoffs.

TVLine cites Coach, Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and Boy Meets World as examples of much-loved series that have been revived, spun-off, or will be soon. Thankfully for those of us who are always itching for new material from our favorite dearly departed shows of the '90s, the reboot trend doesn't seem to be going away any time soon — so, there are a few series that definitely need to be brought back ASAP, even for a one-season reboot.

Here are the best shows of the '90s that need reboots and spinoffs ASAP, and what they should be about:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

There should have been a Carlton-centric spinoff like, yesterday.


Doug definitely needs a live-action remake that finally realizes the Doug/Patty Mayonnaise romance.


Darlene as a sassy small town teen who moves to the big city and away from her crazy family is the series that never happened, but might have been great.

Home Improvement

To this day, I am shocked that Jonathan Taylor Thomas never got to star in a Home Improvement spinoff about the challenges of being the best-looking person in his family. Can we get this in the works now, please?

The X-Files

Scully in her own movie about her breaking away from Mulder and becoming an internationally recognized paranormal investigator while single handedly fighting aliens and bad guys is The X-Files Season 9 plot that never happened.

Hey Arnold

Helga Pataki may have been less than kind on occasion, but she was also a badass who got what she wanted and was an inspiration to us all. If there's ever a live-action movie version the series, Helga needs to be at the center of the whole thing. Just Helga. Helga's words. Helga's actions. Helga's used gum statues of Arnold.

Married With Children

Katey Sagal as Peg Bundy was an inspiration to us all. She is the #goal. She is bae. She should've had a spinoff show where she finally leaves Al and starts her life over, single and in the city — and then she marries a rich older gentleman, because let's be real, she's Peg.

Image: ABC