9 Scenes From 'Dragonfly in Amber' The Show Needs

It's safe to say that every woman in the U-S of A (and a whole lotta men too) will be huddled around their TVs the night of Outlander's return to Starz on April 4. The first half of season one was nothing short of spectacular, and the second half promises to be even better. The show, based on the massively successful book series by Diana Gabaldon, has followed the first book pretty closely thus far, and based on some of the buzz for the remaining episodes in this season, they will continue along this path. But will they do the same for season two?

If you've read the books, or at least the first, you know that sh*t is about to get real for our favorite Highland lovebirds in the rest of season one. They just got married, finally did the deed (in what is probably the best sex scene in the history of TV), and are starting their lives together. Aside from the fact that when we left Claire and Jamie, she abandoned him to return to 1943 to be back with Frank and was then captured and nearly raped by Black Jack Randall, their brand new marriage seemed like it was off to an intensely loving start.

But what about book two, Dragonfly in Amber? The show has already been renewed for a second season, so will the showrunners use the second book in the series to guide them through the next phase of this story? Or will they go their own way? Here are all the major moments in book two that we hope to see in the show.


Claire Loses a Baby

At the end of the first book, Claire discovers that she's preggers with Jamie's baby. YAY, right? Well not far into Dragonfly in Amber, life on the road proves too taxing for her pregnancy and she has a miscarriage. She takes very very hard.

Claire and Jamie's Marital Struggles After the Miscarriage

This is a real and devastating loss for any woman to face, but it's also tough on the marriage. Claire and Jamie go through a realistic rough patch that makes you worry about them as a couple and if they'll ever get through this. That needs to be shown on TV.

Jamie's PTSD

Another subject we don't see nearly enough of — emotional and mental disorders. At the end of the first book, Jamie is brutally raped and tortured by Black Jack Randall and as he slowly heals post-rescue, he goes through major PTSD-related struggles. I want to see this as a long-standing obstacle for Jamie and how it changes him as a man. He's still a warrior and still an incredibly passionate husband to Claire, but that event is not something that ever goes away, and it's important to showcase that in this story.

Black Jack Randall's Surprising Return

During Jamie's rescue, the horrible villain of our story is violently trampled and thought to be dead. But guess what, folks? He's alive. I need to see how the F he was able to make it through that scene, because... he should really be dead.

Jamie's Incredible Sacrifice

Jamie, always putting Claire's needs above his own, worries about how finally killing Black Jack will affect Claire in modern times (1940s). Since Frank is a descendant, won't killing Black Jack also kill Frank? He offers to spare his life in order to keep Frank safe in the future. This man... he's just perfection in a kilt.

Claire Leaving Jamie Behind in the 1740s

Jamie worries about Claire's safety as a battle looms in the near future, so he sends her back through the stones. She agrees, because she loves him, but it kills her to leave his side when she knows he might die in battle. Just before she goes, Jamie tells her he knows she's pregnant again. Seeing her go through all the emotional stages of making the decision to leave him in the 1700s would make us feel all the feels.

Claire's Relationship with Her Daughter

Throughout the book, there are scenes of Claire and the daughter she had with Jamie, just 20 years later. She's trying to figure out if Jamie did, in fact, die in the battle that was about to take place before she left. She wants to reveal the story of Jamie to their daughter and their dynamic through all of this would be fascinating to watch.

How Frank Dies

In the flash forward, we learn that Frank died a few years earlier. The show should really go into vivd detail of everything that happened to Claire after she left. It's simply too juice to gloss over.

Does Jamie Die Too?

Claire learns that Jamie didn't die in that battle. We need to see that battle play out onscreen. How it ended because if Jamie didn't die, then what happened next? Where is he? Or... perhaps.... when is he?

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