A Girl Tries To Kiss Random Strangers After Asking Them For Directions And It's The Most Hilarious Thing Ever — VIDEO

Society has set up certain rules for women when it comes to our sexuality. First: Don't do anything that would provoke a man's sexual desire, even by accident, because if he acts on these desires, it will always be your fault. Second: Do not initiate any type of sexual contact with a man, because you will come across as too forward or desperate. Women are meant to wait patiently for men to approach. If you are approached, you are desired; If you are ignored, you are not. This is what sexuality looks like for women in a patriarchal society, aka, type of society that is deeply ingrained within U.S. culture. And then you have women like Farrah Brooks who completely turn that upside down by kissing people she asks for directions in Grand Central station.

It's a fun and silly compilation of people reacting awkwardly to Brooks attempting to make out with them within 10 seconds of meeting. I won't give it away, but the ending is pretty fantastic. Though the video itself is a completely joy to watch, there is a slight darkness surrounding it; The comments section plagued by accusations of sexual harassment, double standards, and other statements along the lines of "if men did this..."


You would think it goes without saying at this point, but clearly, it still begs saying, so I'm going to say it: We don't have the luxury of living in a society where non-male gender identities are afforded the same privileges as men, which means harassment does not play out the same way for all genders. Sexual harassment comes from a place of power. This is not to say that women can't sexually harass men, but if they were to do so, it would look very different from this video.

Farah Brook on YouTube

So come on! This is pretty hilarious. Also it completely turns the tables on something akin to what women have to experience on a nearly every day basis which, I'm not gonna lie, feels pretty damn satisfying to watch.

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