Jesse Eisenberg Admits He Was Scared To Shave His Head To Be Lex Luthor, But There Are Scarier Things Out There

Jesse Eisenberg needs to think before he speaks, because he's not doing himself any favors when it comes to his already contested role as Lex Luthor in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. As he revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night, Eisenberg was scared to shave his head and considered that to be the hardest part of the filming "It was really strange," he said. "It's the kind of thing where you felt you could really damage yourself." I did not expect Eisenberg to be one to be so attached to his curly mop, but you learn something new every day. And when it comes to fear, shaving his head and feeling vulnerable about it should be far down on the list. There are PLENTY of things Jesse should be scared of before his hairstyle.

The 31 year old actor went on to say of his freaky new look, "It's terrifying." We can't really disagree. And why exactly was he so spooked about having to shave his head? Was it just vanity? Partly, but also he seemed a little paranoid about how it would increase the danger on the set, worrying that it would be easier to hurt himself with a bald head... sure, that's logical reasoning.

But if you're gonna be scared, Eisenberg, I can think of a few things you might consider cowering from before your shiny dome. Like, first and foremost: what if you are never in a movie as successful and ubiquitous as The Social Network? Will people ever stop calling you Mark Zuckerberg, no matter what roles you play in the future? That's a legitimate concern. Will you ever work with Aaron Sorkin again? You better lock that down.

Or, just as legitimate — what if there's not a Rio 3?! As a true aficionado of The Cinema, I'm here to tell you that Rio was a GREAT movie, and Rio 2 was watchable. Hopefully it will be turned into a trilogy, because everyone knows the first and third installments in a trilogy are the best. (I'm looking at you, Lord Of The Rings.)

Or perhaps he should be worried about having an identity crisis because he looks eerily similar to both Michael Cera and Andy Samberg. Eisenberg should probably be more worried about having to sign autographs as Cera and Samberg because it's just easier than trying to explain who he actually is.

On a more serious note, Eisenberg's biggest anxiety right now should probably be the fact that his upcoming film, The End Of The Tour, about late author David Foster-Wallace is already getting mad hate. Eisenberg is playing David Lipsky, the journalist that accompanied Foster-Wallace on his book tour for Infinite Jest. People have a lot of concerns about the movie, mostly because Jason Segal of all people is playing Foster-Wallace; even the estate of Foster-Wallace denounced it as tripe. Eisenberg has tried to defend the movie, but, as an alum of the same school as Foster-Wallace, I'm still hella unconvinced.

But, if Eisenberg really wants to be worried about his Lex Luthor-ness, he should probably be paying mind to the fact that people on Twitter really are not sure that he will be convincingly evil. Obviously, he might prove himself different in the film, but is it really helping his case that he was a afraid of a little haircut? Get it together, Eiseberg. Put your Luthor face on.

Check out the interview below.

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