Schmidt's at the Center of 'New Girl' Tonight & We Think That Means He's Moving Out

If you're excited for tonight's Halloween-themed episode of New Girl on Fox, we're fearful that the episode is the harbinger of ghastly things to come. Mainly, that Schmidt might be leaving the loft. What tricks! Nary a treat! (Are we good on the Halloween wordplay?) Our hearts are conflicted, even if it's a move that seems pretty plausible, especially when you consider how little Schmidt has grown compared to the others.

How could such an assumption come to rise? Well, looking at the episode description for "Keaton," few details are spared: "In an effort to reconnect with Cece, Jess throws a Halloween party at the loft. In an effort to change Schmidt’s sullen behavior, the loftmates resort to "catfishing" him by pretending to be his childhood idol – actor Michael Keaton. Then, Schmidt makes a decision that could change the loft forever in the all-new “Keaton” episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, Oct. 22 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX."

See, it all rolls along well and good until — record screech — the part that mentions "Schmidt makes a decision that could change the loft forever." Now given that we learned over a week ago that a loftmate would indeed be moving out, coupled with the timing of this episode and, well, it seems a fair assumption that the Schmidtiest Schmidt to ever Schmidt would be the one to scoot for Coach's return. Perhaps they'll play a winner-takes-all-of-Schmidt's-possessions version of "True American" to settle the matter.