Kristen Wiig's 'Zoolander 2' Look & The 7 Thoughts That Will Run Through Your Head When You See It — PHOTO

Alright, everyone, some super exciting Zoolander 2 news has hit the web, and this had got me even more excited to see our favorite male models back on the big screen. One of the first photos from the set of Zoolander 2 has been released, and it's of Kristen Wiig — but you would never actually guess that, because she looks practically unrecognizable in her wacky get-up. Honestly, I wouldn't even believe it was Wiig if I didn't have it on good authority that she is indeed one of the guest cameos we can expect in the sequel.

Rumors are already swirling about which models and fashionistas will be making appearances in the film — just as they did in the first Zoolander — but this photo of Kristen Wiig just made lots of dreams come true. Personally, she was the Zoolander casting that I didn't know I needed — but considering Wiig is just pretty flawless in everything, knowing she's in the movie now has just made my whole life. So, now that we've been gifted a tiny glimpse of Wiig's costume and her character, I can't help but make up all sorts of wild plot ideas for other future Zoolander 2 characters (because that's what I do when I am too excited).

Since we have to wait until early 2016 for the actual film, here are some of the thoughts that ran through a very big fan's head (mine) when I first saw Kristen Wiig's Zoolander 2 look. Spoiler: Lots of mostly unrelated things.

"Wait, that's WHO?"

A pleasant surprise, but still, totally unexpected and unrecognizable, which means a good job so far.

"How did they get her hair to do that?"

First off, that is an amazing geometric situation they have going on and I have a feeling that Mugatu and his hairdresser had a say in this.

"I wonder what her character's name is?"

I'm going to guess she's some sort of Italian Countess and/or aging model/socialite, so her name has to match. Maybe something like Frou Frou Valentina or Perpetua Versace. Don't ask.

"Who is the fabulous man behind her?"

He's got some pretty rad swooping hair, shades and a fantastic jawline. I'd like to know more.

"Maybe Effie Trinket's Italian cousin"

This look also gave me Effie Trinket vibes, and could totally see them being related — I mean, she totally loves fashion, too.

"Actually, Maybe Zoolander 2 Takes Place After The Hunger Games, And She's The New Escort"

Hey, I love a good crossover and I think Ben Stiller could make it work. Imagine the combining of these fan bases?

"YASSS — I found my Halloween costume for this year."

I'll fancy myself very clever and ahead of the game with this idea so don't steal it.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy(7)