Leonardo DiCaprio’s Building A Resort On His Island, So Let's Try To Imagine What It'd Be Like To Stay There

Not only does Leonardo DiCaprio own an island, but the yacht king is building an eco-friendly resort on said island. In a recent interview with The New York Times, the Wolf of Wall Street actor reminds the rest of the world just how filthy rich he is, er, discusses the resort he’s building on an island off the coast of Belize. “Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island” will welcome both resort guests and residents (yes, for a few million clams, you can own a vacation house on Leo's island!) as early as 2018. We got three years to save our dough, people!

Say you do set aside enough moolah to visit Leo’s island, and say you also miraculously score a reservation for a week on at Blackadore Caye (I assume the wait list will be hundreds of pages long, because IT’S LEO DICAPRIO'S ISLAND, DOYE). What might it be like to stay on Leo's island?

Never have I ever stayed at a luxury resort on an island owned by one of the most famous actors of his generation, so the best I can do is throw some wild pitches and hope it works out. Translation: I have no idea what it'd be like to kick it on Blackadore Caye, so I’m about to guess my face off.

You'll sense the Leo vibes wherever you go

Whether or not Leo is on the island, his aura will be everywhere. Always.

You'll feel like you can do literally anything

I assume that due to the combo of the "restorative" powers of Blackadore Caye and the Leo vibes, guests will be overcome with an "I CAN DO ANYTHING!" sensation. You'll feel like you can walk through fire and hold your breath indefinitely and do 50 backflips in a row. This would be a serious safety issue, but...

...you won't want to do much of anything

You won't have to worry about attempting something extremely dangerous because your number one objective will be to achieve maximum relaxation. The "I MUST LOUNGE, SWIM, AND IMBIBE" sensation will trump the "I CAN DO ANYTHING" sensation.

You'll wonder if there are any The Beach Easter eggs hidden around the island

But again, you'll be too busy chilling out to investigate.

You'll worry this as good as it'll ever get

You won't want to leave Leo's island. You will try to figure out a way to afford relocating to Leo's island permanently. Because hanging out on Leo's island is peak living.

Images: inrelationshipwithdicaprio, peculiargroove, f*ckyeahhleonardo, leonardodicapios, ignitetheliight/tumblr