5 POTUS-Inspired Black & White Dresses

Being the First Lady of the United States means you have to dress in a particular type of way: conservative, but still cute; not too much of anything; powerful, yet fresh. And Michelle Obama's black and white dress was the perfect combination of all of those things. During her appearance on The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Obama stunned in a dress that showed how trendy she can be.

The First Lady has really upped her fashion game, (I honestly think it started when she lost those bangs) so it's no surprise that she went with this Tadashi Shoji dress. Combining crochet, embroidery, and a black collar, you would think the designing was a little much. But instead, it looks like a modern version of a classic black and white dress.

And if you have $408, you, too, can own this fabulous Tadashi Shoji Crocheted and Embroidered Knit Collared dress. But if not, don't panic. There are tons of black and white dresses that can give you some of the classic beauty that Obama put out there, while still being able to pay your bills on time. Even though I basically don't have anywhere to wear this dress, I know I need one. It just seems like the perfect thing to keep in the back of my closet for that day I need something flawless.

Take a look at these 5 POTUS-inspired black and white dresses (that you can afford).

1. NIC+Zoe Pebble Pierced Twirl' Knit Twirl Dress

I think this dress is the ultra-modern version of the Tadashi Shoji dress. The print is almost a little trippy, without lowering its dressy-ability. And I just love the black cross down the front. (NIC+ZOE Pebble Pieced Twirl' Knit Twirl Dress, $87.20,

2. Forever 21 Crocheted Peter Pan Collar Dress

Go way cutesy with this little 'Peter Pan' inspired dress. Because sometimes, a white lace collar is all a LBD needs. (Forever 21 Crocheted Peter Pan Collar Dress, $22.80,

3. Calvin Klein Contrast-Trim Zip-Pocket Sheath Dress

What's cool about this version of the dress is the little white zippers. You don't often find a work appropriate dress with zipper detailing. (Calvin Klein Contrast- Trim Zip-Pocket Sheath Dress, $64.32,

4. ASOS Midi Skater Dress In Textured Stripe

For the ultimate casual version of Obama's contrast dress, this ASOS alternative is a must have. The length is so flirty, and the change in stripe direction is the perfect eye catcher. (Asos Midi Skater Dress in Textured Stripe, $63.43,

5. Xhilaration Mesh Inset Dress

Target does a great job of making versions of dresses that almost anyone can wear. With this one, it gives a little flash of sexy (with the mesh), while still keeping it classy. (Xhilaration Mesh Inset Dress, $24.99,