Jane Dreams Of Being A Romance Novelist On ‘Jane The Virgin,’ So Here Is Some Writerly Inspo For Her

Although Jane on Jane the Virgin seemingly had her first big writing break when Rogelio helped her get hired to work on The Passions of Santos, that opportunity has come and gone — and now Jane is back to focusing on being a romance writer. As Jane has already proven, she would make an excellent telenovela writer, but being the author of her own romance novel gives her control. Both Rafael and Michael have supported Jane in her dream of being a writer (because they are both the best), but more importantly: Jane has the aspiration and talent to be a writer even without the support of the men she dates.

Although Angelique Harper may be Jane's favorite author, Harper is not actually a real person — she's just a character on Jane the Virgin. So, which other writers could turn Jane turn to inspiration? She already has her imaginary telenovela fantasies starring her alter ego Juana and a shirtless Rafael, but fantasies alone do not a romance writer make (although it sure as hell helps). Jane took a great step by joining a writer’s workshop (led by none other than reoccurring guest star Jane Seymour) and not only will it help her career goals to share her writing, but the drama that the class may bring might also help Jane. (Since Jane's ex Michael's ex is also in the workshop!)

In real life, there are actually tons of online resources for romance writers, including the Romance Writers of America, but which real romance authors could influence Jane's sultry writing? Here are a few guesses.

Jude Deveraux

Jude Deveraux is the author of 37 (37!) New York Times best sellers. Her books have also been translated in 18 different languages, so her success spans far beyond the U.S. With so many books to turn to, Jane could spend a longtime delving into the Deveraux library.

Diana Gabaldon

The author of the Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon is a great romance author to emulate. Although Outlander has elements of sci-fi that don't seem completely up Jane's alley, who doesn't enjoy a good romp through time? Plus, Outlander was a practice novel for Gabaldon that became a New York Times best seller after it was out for 23 years, proving you don't have to have a lot of novels under your belt to get acknowledged for your writing.

Nora Roberts

Another serious heavy hitter in the romance genre, Nora Roberts is also a New York Times best-selling author. A number of her books have been turned into Lifetime movies, and she even has the pseudonym of J.D. Robb that she uses to write thrillers, in case Jane ever wanted to branch out from romance.

Jane Austen

One of the original masters of romantic novels, Jane Austen has been inspiring girls and women everywhere to be true to themselves — whether they are falling in love or not. Honestly, is there a more perfect author for Jane to look to for inspiration? Plus, they even share the same first name.

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