Cat Lady Pride Deserves To Be Celebrated! So Show Off In Style With These 9 Adorable Items

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I'm an unapologetic supporter of cat lady pride. I currently have two of my own, who I love as though they were my children. Which is great, because I am over 30, don't have kids, and have zero maternal instinct towards human babies — just these cats. I may very well grow up to be that cartoonish stereotypical old lady wrapped in an amorphous blanket, tripping over Fluffy and Mr. Snuggles — hell, I might even pull a Barbarella Buchner and marry my cat one day.

Of course, you don’t have to feel that way in order to share a profound obsession with kitties. It’s 2015: Cats are the supreme rulers of popular culture. They are Internet celebrities, and single-handedly responsible for the resurgence in popularity of memes. Because of this, it is now totally possible to be fashionable and chic, and still proclaim your love for felines through the details of your everyday attire. Ahead, a list of articles to wear, plus essentials you need, to show the world you’re prrr-oud to be a cat lady.

Image: Fotolia

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