10 Times 'Mad Men' Was As Comedic As It Is Completely Dramatic, Because Even This Show Needs Its Light Moments

Even as a diehard fan, it's hard to deny: the lighter, comedic moments on Mad Men are a welcome respite from a show that is ultimately about sadness and the evils of capitalism. Even though it is a drama at its core — it might even be a tragedy, depending on Season 7, part 2 of Mad Men goes — the show's more humorous moments are made even funnier in contrast to the show's overall darkness.

While Roger Sterling is without a doubt the funniest character on the series (there's even a book dedicated to his quips), Don Draper had some seriously funny moments as well — after all, it's always hilarious to see the brooding manly man in ridiculous situations. Also, Jon Hamm is a gifted comedic actor (as we've seen on his recent, hilarious, guest appearance on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as his role in 30 Rock ), so the restraint that he showed in these moments was impressive. Joan and Peggy certainly had their moments as well, and Pete's sputtering self-righteousness was often as hilarious as it was aggravating.

Aside from funny lines, there were scenes, even entire episodes, of humor. These were often more absurd than they were laugh out loud funny, of course, and there was always darkness lurking close to the surface — but still, the humor was there. So, to prove it, (and to help me cope with the prospect of life after Mad Men), here are some of the show's funniest moments:

The Rosemary's Baby pitch

Not sure what's more hilarious in this one: Don's "wah! wah!" or Joan's accent. Also, Joan is so over Ted and Peggy flirting.

The lawn mower incident

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This is actually really dark, but Roger saying "right when he got it in the door" is one of his most hilarious lines, which is saying something.

Bert's musical number

Made even better by Don's expression of wonder.

The whole Season 6 episode "The Crash"

From butt injections to Ken tap dancing, this episode was a hilarious, surreal gem.

Actually, any time anyone danced

Honestly, I'm hoping the finale will have a big choreographed dance number.

This negotiation

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This scene of my personal two favorite characters sparring was made even better by the hilarious visual revelation that Roger carries $400 on him.

"I love puppies."

Don, stranded at a terrible dinner party, tries to salvage it by agreeing that puppies are adorable. One of my favorite lines on the show.

"Zou Bisou-Bisou"

O&A, R&F, & Bennington Archive on YouTube

Sorry Megan. It was hilarious.

"Who cares?"

An enraged Pete tells Bert Cooper about Don's past, and Bert Cooper couldn't care less. I love seeing Pete deflated just as much as I love a show nuanced enough to handle secrets like this.

"Not great, Bob!"

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BRB, watching this for the rest of eternity.

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