Reliving The Wacky Roles Of Kyle MacLachlan For The 25th Anniversary of 'Twin Peaks'

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Oh, Kyle MacLachlan, you bizarre and beautiful man. Although he has seemingly taken on some of the most random roles, MacLachlan has one of the greatest acting careers around. He has mastered both film and TV, and one of his most iconic roles was that of Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks. April 8 is the 25th anniversary of the David Lynch TV show, but instead of celebrating, fans of Twin Peaks received some bad news recently with Lynch leaving the Showtime reboot of the series.

MacLachlan has been set to revisit his role of Agent Cooper for Season 3, but with this devastating blow, the future of Twin Peaks is hazy (yet again). But let's not dwell on the bad — let's remember the good. Here are 14 of MacLachlan's most memorable roles — including the best . . . and the best of the worst.

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