Another 'Little Women' Remake In the Works & This Adaptation Better Star These 4 Ladies

It's time. The movie gods have decreed that a movie adaptation of Little Women must be made at least every 45 years, and it's been 20 since the last one, so we really better get on it. This one is headed up by Sony (again) and Olivia Milch, daughter of Deadwood writer and producer David Milch, so this Little Women adaptation might be a bit on the... R-rated side.

But of course, much more interesting than the screenwriter is who will be cast as the little women in question. After all, the shoes they have to fill are anything but little. The casts of the past three Little Women films are made up of icons of their times: Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh, Kirsten Dunst, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes.

The characters are timeless, classical characters in literature, and each has their own distinct personality, so casting is really key. Yes, the movie won't even get to casting for a while...all the more reason to cast a dream version of Little Women, right?


The youngest and most obnoxious March. Older Amy has Amanda Seyfried written all over, or maybe even Mia Wasikowska — someone very blonde and ethereal looking. But for the better part of the movie, Amy is only 12, so someone like Megan Charpentier would be a good pick. She's played younger versions of Amanda Seyfried characters twice (Jennifer's Body and Red Riding Hood) and even carried a bigger role in horror flick Mama.


Oh, Beth. Sweet, sweet Beth. The fatally ill girl with a heart of gold. Claire Danes pulled of both the character's frailness and emotional strength in the 1994 version, and it's hard to see anyone else in the role. Hailee Steinfeld could hardly be called frail, but she possesses a quiet strength and if True Grit is enough proof, she's clearly got the chops as an actress to pull off anything.


Everyone's favorite character, Jo has a hell of a lot of spunk and spirit. Winona Ryder and Katherine Hepburn both did the role justice, but casting anyone as Jo feels criminal, since she's such a unique character. Nonetheless, Ellen Page definitely has a lot of Jo's tomboy charm, and seems like an obvious pick for the role. Alia Shawkat also has a lot of Jo's sharp wit, and a leading role for her is well past its due.


Nurturing social butterfly Meg needs an actress who can pull of both her warmth and type A personality. Anne Hathaway would be a great high-profile choice, and she needs a break from less-than-stellar projects like Rio 2. But if directors can't afford her. Mary Elizabeth Winstead would be another great choice. She fit well in the older sister role in The Spectacular Now and is a talented actress who needs to separate herself from her "scream queen" background in movies like Final Destination 3.