Celebrities Celebrate Easter Sunday With Baskets & Brunch, From Beyonce To Kim Kardashain — PHOTOS

It's been quite a weekend, hasn't it? Easter, Passover, and a full moon lunar eclipse all landed on these days of rest, because everything always has to happen at once. Celebrities like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, and Ellie Goulding have been celebrating Easter this weekend as well, in their own signature ways. Much like us, some stars chose the super fun Easter-egg coloring and hunting route with their kids. Some celebrated with sugary sweet chocolates, candy, and more (Peeps, anyone). And others just got out of dodge and high-tailed it off to a tropical getaway (so jealous). No matter what, celebrities are celebrating in style and sharing their photos on social media.

Unlike Christmas and a lot of other holidays, there's no fixed day for Easter, which usually falls on the first full moon after the first day of Spring on March 21. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Christianity and it is usually celebrated on a Sunday, which is also sometimes referred to as Resurrection Sunday. In addition to heading to church, Easter Sunday traditions also include coloring Easter eggs and hunting for them, paying the Easter Bunny a visit (or he visits you), dressing in your pastel bast, and indulging in my favorite activity — Easter Brunch.

Here are how some of your favorite celebs are spending the holiday.

Beyonce Has The Most Perfect Easter Eggs

Of course, Bey has the most stylish ones of them all.

Taylor Swift Got A Gift From The Easter Bunny

A.K.A. Mom.

Kim Kardashian Takes North Hunting For Eggs

How adorable.

...And Got Ready to Color Lots of Easter Eggs

The Kardashian-West household takes its Easter eggs very seriously.

...And Remembers Her Own Egg-Hunting Days

Aww. What a throwback.

Mario Lopez Took His Kids To See The Easter Bunny

Eva Longoria Has a Festive Puppy

Mariah Carey Made Easter Cupcakes


Mark Ruffalo Spent It LOLing With His Kids

Alyson Hannigan Made Epic Easter Baskets

Sarah Jessica Parker Got Her Egg-Coloring On

Complete with colorful hands from handling those eggs.

Ellie Goulding Sees Bubbles

Nothing like a relaxing day in the park watching some epic bubbles.

Zosia Mamet Hangs Out With a Chicken

Tim Daly Went On Vacation

So jealous of this tropical paradise.

Jewel Cooked Up The Cutest Breakfast

Too adorable to eat!

There's still time for you to celebrate in style, too — and Instagram it, of course.