This "Humans Of New York" Post Has The Best Comment Section Ever So We Can All Go Home Now — PHOTOS

What's in a name? That which we call Beyoncé by any other word would probably be hella less annoying for the thousands of people who share a first name with the mega-star. That's right: Despite inventing a new level of awesomeness, Beyoncé didn't invent her name, and it turns out, plenty of other people have it. What we, the boringly-named, failed to acknowledge until this Humans of New York photo of a girl named Beyoncé inspired dozens of hilarious comments is that there are a great many people in the world whose names are identical to famous people, and oh boy, does it get awkward for them.

I think all of us have "that friend" whose shares a name with a famous person (shout out to my little sister's squad member, Katie Perry). Which wouldn't be so bad, except I've been a part of the human race long enough to know that our puns and jokes suck. We are pretty much the least original ever when it comes to poking fun at people, which I freely admit as an ample fun-poker myself. Imagine having to go through life permanently braced for the same handful of bad jokes and half-baked comments about your name. Ugh. Nope. Not fun.

The particular Beyoncé in question here is a far cry from her namesake, describing her innate shyness and anxiety about meeting new people. We are all hashtag blessed that Brandon, the HONY photographer and storyteller behind the Facebook series, got her to open up, because so much hilarity ensued.

Here's the original post:

It didn't take long for people who shared her struggle to chime in, and the range of famous names was downright impressive. Here's are some of the top notch comments from people riding the same struggle bus:

Pop stars

This one is starting to feel it's right

This one know she's not the only one

This one wants you to hear her roar

This one is Destiny's clone

This one wants you to get with her friends

This one wants you to turn up the music

This woman missing her Sonny

This woman who knows the struggle river deep and mountain high


This is the woman that you'd ~like to meet~

This "spaghetti arms"

This missing twin

This man in black

This little Joey without a Dawson

Fictional characters

This lobster

This avid writer

This unlucky family member

This long lost sister of Edward

This person who doesn't want to let it go

This double oh something

Random happenstance

This person who has a lot of pressure to live up to their name

This walking brunch buffet


This womp and a half

This person who probably doesn't want your random questions or your sass

This Playstation arch rival

This condiment

This champion tailgater

The arguably least lucky of all ...


And, in summation, the most accurate two comments on this post that will forever live in infamy.

As for me, my last name is Lord, and I've long-threatened to name my first child Almighty. You might as well all just hate on me for it now. YOU'RE WELCOME, FELLOW HUMANS.

Images: humansofnewyork/Facebook