6 Staycation Expectations Versus Reality — Because These Things Are Never As Relaxing As You Think They'll Be

So, you need a break. I totally feel you, because summer seems like it's eons away, and winter just about sucked the light from your eyes. It's probably a good time for you to figure out how to take a staycation, so you can recharge your batteries and get through life in general until the celebrations of summer begin. But what actually goes down during every single staycation? You go into it with a plan of ample rest and promise yourself you'll finally cross off all those tasks that have been loitering on your to-do list, and then you end up... somewhere else entirely. You have all kinds of goals, and most of them go unachieved.

It's OK though, because it happens to the best of us. A staycation is taken in the first place because you're feeling too stuck or too stressed or too exhausted to give 110 percent at the office. That means you are not required to give 110 percent to your time off — quite the opposite actually. You don't need to accomplish anything other than extreme relaxation on your break. But it never stops us from trying to do it all, when we should really be doing nothing. Here are all the unrealistic and surprisingly stressful expectations of taking a staycation, versus the very different reality.

Expectation #1: You will work out every single day

Your playlist is set, you just bought that new fitness app, and you're ready to go.

Reality: You only get off the couch to use the bathroom

And even that is irritatingly inconvenient.

Expectation #2: You will learn a new skill by the time the staycation ends

You'll learn to tie survival knots, you'll finally master the fishtail braid, or you'll successfully cook a new dish.

Reality: You watched the finale of LOST for the fifth time, and still don't completely understand how it ended

So are Hurley and Ben in charge of the island now? And what exactly was the Smoke Monster?

Expectation #3: You will finally get that spring cleaning done

You just bought some new antibacterial wipes and some glass cleaner, so your apartment is about to shine bright like a diamond.

Reality: You will do laundry, and forget to fold it before the wrinkles set in

Whatevs, you'll just fluff 'em up in the dryer tomorrow. It's not like you even need to wear any of it until next week anyway.

Expectation #4: You will read a new book, cover to cover

Your bookshelf is packed with juicy options that you haven't had time to dig into.

Reality: You will re-read Hunger Games, and fall asleep with your Kindle on your stomach before the odds shift in Katniss' favor

I mean, you've read it before, so it's not like you don't already know how it ends.

Expectation #5: You will go out on the town with your besties like you did every weekend a few years ago

Before you were all killing it at work, and before you all started settling down, you were together constantly. It's time to get that back.

Reality: Nobody feels like putting on pants, so you catch up over group text while drinking too much wine

You all worked more than 80 hours this week, so who really has the energy to bump up against a bunch of strangers and stay up until 3 a.m.? Snapchats, FaceTime, and an onslaught of emojis will do for now.

Expectation #6: Since you aren't spending tons of money on an expensive trip, you'll feel motivated to get your finances in order once and for all

You'll sign up for Mint, you'll cut those maxed out credit cards, and you will CUT. THAT. LATTE. BUDGET.

Reality: You spend $200 on beauty products and underwear

And try to justify it by saying you didn't have to pay for a hotel or plane ticket. But it's all stuff you need, right?

Images: Sophie/Flickr; Giphy (12)