Have The Perfect 'Twin Peaks' Viewing Party, Because It's More Than Just Coffee & Pie

Love Twin Peaks? Of course you do, why wouldn't you? It's only one of the best series of all time. Twin Peaks is rounding out the 25th anniversary of its premiere episode and in order to really appreciate and celebrate the moment properly, you have to have the ultimate Twin Peaks viewing party. Not only is it necessary so you can re-watch the incredible series over again, but how else can you convert your non-believer friends? The series transformed the scope of entertainment with its unique, original ideas and thanks to this, creating the perfect party to celebrate the show is a total blast. But there's so much more involved than serving "damn fine" coffee and pie. Creating the perfect viewing party for Twin Peaks is an art form almost as imaginative as the series itself. Let's put aside the fact that the current Twin Peaks reboot idea from Showtime has hit a huge snag thanks to David Lynch leaving the project (seriously don't think about this, it'll just make things depressing), and instead celebrate all the awesomeness of this insanely wonderful show in all its glory.

Sure the show has dark subject matter but that's not what you focus on when creating the perfect Twin Peaks viewing party. Instead it's better to base the party off of the unforgettably weird moments the show gave us. And there are quite a few.

Decorations: The Iconic Red Room

The only way to properly have a Twin Peaks viewing party is to make your venue for the party feel like you've stepped into an adaptation of the eerie Red Room. Red fabric is pretty easy to come by and can be inexpensive. Just drape those babies on walls and on the windows. And if you can get black and white chevron cutouts for the floor, even better. The idea is to keep things simple with the rest of the decorations and let the red fabric make for the jarring setting. But if you're feeling extra Twin Peaks-y, maybe through a log-inspired table setting where you place the food for an ode to the Log Lady.

Food: Pie, Coffee & Doughnuts Of Course

Obviously you can't do a Twin Peaks viewing party without "damn fine cup of coffee" and pie. But maybe mix it up a notch. If you're doing for snacks at the party, try some different flavors of pie-inspired tarts if you don't want to make full pies in different flavors. And coffee is a must, but maybe you can make an alcoholic coffee drink and play a drinking game while watching the show. But whatever you do, you have to line up your doughnuts like the show.

Costumes: Miss Twin Peaks Contest

Obviously the easiest thing to do is dress up as your favorite character, but what if you take the viewing party one step further and have your very own Miss Twin Peaks pageant? You can even hand out ballots and send the winner home with an owl trophy to really pile on the references.

Music: Twin Peaks Theme

It must be incorporated. Hands down a necessity for your perfect Twin Peaks viewing party. Play it as the guest arrive to set the perfect strange yet intriguing tone for the whole night.

Dancing Is A Twin Peaks Staple

And while you're at it, take a little dancing break with these moves, albeit maybe with more joy than sorrow.

Party Favors: Eye Patches And More

How fun would it be to send everyone home with their own eye patches or some kind of gift involving Agent Dale Cooper's recorder or owls? It's a perfect way to give people a nice trinket from an insanely fun, memorable night of incredible television.

Images: ABC (screenshot) (2); twinpeaksgifs/Tumblr; imgarcade