These Poisonous Snakes Are Literally Attacking This Guy Who Is Remarkably Laid Back About The Whole Thing — VIDEO

This guy is not Indiana Jones. As it turns out, he's actually way more badass, because he doesn't seem to be afflicted with Indy's crippling fear of snakes. While feeding some terrifying looking, incredibly aggressive snakes that seem to be attacking him from all angles, this man is possessing ridiculous levels of chill. I'm not going to claim that I know how to feed snakes, but if this is what it takes, I'm not sure snake ownership is in my future. With a dead mouse on the end of a metal rod, the man prods the snakes, trying to get them to eat, but the snakes seem much more interested in attacking him, attempting to bite his legs and feet. I'm guessing/hoping he's wearing some kind of rubber protective wear, because that's the only way I can justify how not terrified he is by the poisonous viper snapping at him. All I know is that if a snake was coming at me like that, I'd want to be in Tony Stark's Iron Man suit.

This guy is literally the most relaxed person on earth about getting attacked by snakes. As the snakes fangs lash out at him, all he says is "stop!" in a giggly sort of flirty voice that sounds like he's being tickled by his lover. THAT'S HOW UNFAZED HE IS. He is pretty much flirting with the snakes. Watch below:

viperkeeper on YouTube

Here are some more appropriate reactions to being attacked by snakes:

1. Zero tolerance

2. Shooting them in the head

3. Pooping one's self

4. Punching

5. Riding a motorcycle through a wall

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (5)