17 Problems Only Real 'Friends' Fans Understand

by Chelsea Mize

In this world, there are those who think they are Friends fans and then there are those who know they are Friends fans. I would classify myself in the latter camp. As most diehard Friends fanatics know, there are a few unique problems that only Friends fans understand. The burden of knowing too much interesting Friends trivia is not an easy one to carry. You wonder how your brain can function in every day life while carrying around 236 episodes worth of the NBC show everywhere you go, but it's a small price to pay in order to have such an intimate understanding of the best sitcom of all time.

You're not quite sure how it happened. One day you were a normal person, and the next, you were a fanatic. You whispered Friends lines under your breath to yourself every time you saw the show. You yearned for others who could understand your obscure references. You shushed others every time Friends came back on from commercial break on TBS (even though you don't need to hear the words to know what's going on).

Being a Friends fan can be a full-time job, and there are many problems you face that only other Friends die-hards would understand. Here are a few of the Friends-related trials and tribulations we encounter every day.

1. You suffer severe emotional trauma every time Ross and Rachel break up

2. Everyone freaked out about Friends being on Netflix but you, a true fan, have had all 10 seasons on DVD since 2006

3. You have to put up with other people making basic Friends jokes all the time

4. You know every move in "the routine" but you have no where to perform it

5. You suffer a special kind of anger when anyone talks bad about Friends

6. You still cry every time Chandler proposes to Monica

7. You feel a special joy when you meet someone whose Friends knowledge matches your own

8. You can't help but relate everything to a Friends episode

9. You have to deal with fools who refer to other shows as "the new Friends"

10. You still cringe with shame every time Ross sleeps with the copy girl

11. A part of you dies every time you experience the series finale again

12. Even though you've seen all the episodes, you still somehow get sucked into marathons

13. ...And then you're delusional the next day from staying up watching Friends

14. You get awkwardly excited when you find out Friends facts you didn't already know

15. You still get riled up every time Emily is onscreen

16. You have to deal with haters who make fun of your Friends obsession

17. You have to deal with Netflix constantly asking you if you're still watching

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