14 Best 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Final Trailer Moments, Because It's Going To Be A Long Wait For The Film's Premiere — VIDEO

If this summer can be described with any one phrase, that phrase is "blockbuster-packed." There's a behemoth in the pipeline ready to overshadow the Fast and Furious franchise, and that behemoth is Avengers . Age of Ultron . The film may not be released in theaters for until May, but they're doing all they can in the meantime to remind us that they're going to be rocking our worlds on May 1. As if we could forget that. But for those of us who have forgotten, the final Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has arrived to whet our appetites one last time.

Full disclosure: I need to warn you right now that watching this trailer is basically going to make you want to run out the door right now and head straight to a theater to watch it. But, since we obviously can't do that, we have to settle for the next best thing: combing through it for the best moments. These moments won't be enough to completely tide us over until the film's release, but nothing hurts as much as the wait, am I right? (I'm right, and once you get a look at these images then you'll definitely agree that this is a movie worth waiting for.)

1. The Sweet Digs

The Avengers: Giving You House Envy Since Tony Stark Got His Own Tower.

2. And Speaking Of Tony Stark

Comic relief from RDJ right up top, and a view of the Chrysler Building? What could be better?

3. This Terrifying Thing

Welp, this weapon seems pretty legit.

4. The Hulk Smasher

HI BUDDY. Or should I say, depending on whose side you take here, hi baddie? (I'll show myself out.)

5. Then Black Widow Shows Up

No big deal, just Black Widow dropping out of an aircraft on her motorcycle. The blurriness comes from the fact that she's moving at the speed of badassery.

6. And Speaking Of Badasses

I mean, yeah.

7. Classic Avengers Assemble Moment


8. Steve Rogers Is A National Hero

This is Captain America about to throw a motorcycle with only the momentum of his own body in a backflip, which I'm pretty sure is the epitome of hardcore.

9. And Thor Is An Intergalactic Hero

Don't freak out, but Thor just hit Captain America's shield with his hammer. THE BEST.

10. Scarlet Witch Is A Queen

BRB, just gotta throw some quick fire.

11. Okay, Pretty Much Everyone Just Rocks

A fight on top of a moving semi? Where do I sign?

12. Especially When...

Just Scarlett Johansson 'bout to take out the trash.

13. ...They Work Together

... and throwing it up to her boy Chris Evans, who's in a heck of a pickle!

14. But Really We're Just Here For Black Widow

Ice cold boss. Cannot. Wait.

Check out the trailer below.

Images: Marvel; YouTube (14)