Is Shep From 'Southern Charm' Single? This 'Charm'-er Needs To Become The Next 'Bachelor' ASAP

Chris Harrison, are you out there? I've got an idea that will make the producers' job for finding then next Bachelor a lot easier. Meet Shep Rose: single Southern Charm star, all-around fun guy, and most importantly, a bona fide bachelor. Shep, who manages to act as a Greek chorus of sorts with friend and fellow Charm-er Cameran Eubanks, is the ultimate ladies-man on the show, and I'm pretty sure that he is well aware of it. After all, this guy's Instagram handle is "Relationshep," because why not? So is Mr. "Relationshep" single? And if so, can we start a petition to get Shep on The Bachelor as soon as possible?

At the beginning of the season, the thought of Shep dating someone wasn't that out of the realm of possibilities with the addition of Landon to the cast. Landon, an old friend of Shep's from college, joined the Southern Charm cast by attending Kathryn and Thomas' (second) Christening for Kensington as Shep's date. But since the season premiere, Landon and Shep have both made comments regarding the other that lead me to think they're just good friends, emphasis on friends. So what does that mean? Shep is single. And what do single men do? Go on The Bachelor. Here's why Shep would make the best Bachelor ever.

He Already Loves Reality Dating Shows

The Bachelor needs someone who knows the woes of dating on TV. Shep knows that if it isn't awkward, it isn't working.

Rose Ceremonies Would Be Very Interesting

Instead of the usual rose ceremonies where the women sit around sipping on Champagne for hours, Shep's season would turn the rose ceremonies into parties, Fireball and all.

He's Already Got The Camping Date Down Pat

Look at that marshmallow roasting form. That expertise is what we deserve from our next Bachelor.

He's Got Nothing But Nice Things To Say About Exes

I think he's on to something with this Yelp For Exes idea. Kickstarter anyone?

He Can Laugh At Himself

After some of the past Bachelor men — cough, Chris Soules — we need someone who is going to be extremely funny and enthusiastic on screen and on dates. Someone who can laugh at themselves? Even better.

He Can Hand Out Bobble Heads Instead Of Roses

Because roses die and bobble heads are forever.

He'd Have Awesome Dates

Whether he's scaling down a mountain — because it's bound to happen — or playing hockey with the lucky women competing for his heart, Shep would only have awesome dates.

Images: Jeff Gentner/Bravo