Microdermabrasion for Teeth is a Thing Now

Apparently, good 'ol Crest Whitestrips just aren't cutting it anymore for some people. Using microdermabrasion to whiten teeth is apparently a thing now, so I guess I need to up my dental beauty game if I want to rid my pearly whites of coffee and wine stains for good. A beauty editor at tested this new trend so we don't have to — after all, I should probably consider getting regular microdermabrasion before I move onto using the technique on my teeth.

Even though many products in the the vast array of whitening methods on drugstore shelves are pretty effective at making teeth appear brighter, they don't get to the root of the problem. Microdermabrasion helps get rid of the tooth stains that you just can't fix with a box at home, because many are under the surface. According to, "microdentabrasion" is basically a super high-tech teeth cleaning. A baking soda, Diamond Paste, and water concoction is sprayed onto your teeth (with quite a bit of force, mind you) to get rid of those pesky discolorations.

Bonus? Unlike the tooth whitening trays you store in your bathroom cabinet, this process won't leave your teeth with major sensitivity. This is a relatively new process and it's considered cosmetic, so chances are your insurance won't cover it, but according to, it's incredibly effective for revealing the luminous chompers that are hiding underneath the evidence of one too many wine nights with the girls.