Koryn Made An Unconventional Song Choice

by Jessica Molinari

Team Pharrell is killing it in The Voice Live Playoffs — and Koryn Hawthorne is the latest example of that. The 17-year-old got biblical in her latest performance and, while the song choice was unconventional, it was just what she needed to make it to the Top 12. Her coach, Pharrell, even compared her to Beyonce — if that didn't show America that she's destined for greatness, her voice definitely did. Hawthorne has an amazing talent and an amazing drive that is sure to get her into the Top 12 and beyond.

If you closed your eyes when Hawthorne sang tonight, you probably pictured a 35-year-old woman with years of experience under her belt. Her talent is so beyond her years that it's almost impossible to believe she's actually 17. But I assure the producers aren't pulling one over on us — Hawthorne really is that young and that's what makes her talent even more incredible.

"How Great Thou Art" takes a lot of power and a lot of confidence to sing, and Hawthorne did it effortlessly and with such grace. What made it an even more inspirational performance, however, was the reason she was singing it. Hawthorne's father had a tough past — he has served time in jail — but was able to turn his life around. His journey eventually led him to become a minister, which is why Hawthorne has such an affinity for faith. She channeled this passion into her performance — and that's why it was so amazing.

Hawthorne has a lot going for her in the talent department and the coaches are really starting to notice it — and that's why she's on her way to the Top 12. She might not have what it takes to win The Voice, but she's gaining the training and experience she needs to excel in this industry at the perfect age. Whether she wins the competition or not, Hawthorne has the talent and drive to get far in this industry — there's no doubt we'll all be buying (or illegally downloading) her album in a few years.

Image: Tyler Goldern/NBC