Uniqlo Reissued +J Again & It's Available Now

From partnering with Alexandre Plokohov to make the best high-fashion sweatpants to teaming up with Lemaire, Uniqlo's collaborations always result in the best everyday basics and closet essentials for any type of occasion. Perhaps that's why they decided to bring back one of our favorites: Uniqlo has reissued their Jil Sanders line +J, and I’m just as stoked as the last time!

It’s hard enough as it is to resist buying everything from Uniqlo, but it's pretty much 100% impossible to not buy all the pieces from the +J line. Although this time around, the spring line doesn’t have nearly as much as the October line did, but I’m not complaining. The spring line has blazers, shirt dresses, long-sleeved button ups, and tapered pants. Yup, it’s basically a business casual wonderland.

So, if your work clothes needs some new additions, you’re going to want to head over to Uniqlo’s website and add everything to your cart immediately. The +J reissued pieces are always quick to go because the $50 tops, $60 pants and $130 shirt dresses and blazers are all just too tempting of an offer to pass up.

Just imagine how many different outfit combinations you're adding to your wardrobe with one, if not all of the collection's pieces.

Images: Uniqlo (5) ; Giphy