How Are David & Lori Connected On 'Finding Carter'? It Could All Go Back To The Egg Donor Reveal

After the longest wait ever, last week's premiere of Finding Carter Season 2 answered a lot of questions, which was surprising considering it all happened during a hostage situation. The person responsible for the situation dropped a major bomb that turned out to be true: Lori was an egg donor for Carter and Taylor because Elizabeth had a hard time getting pregnant. That's not all, though. After Carter was finally able to escape Lori's wrath, bomb number two was dropped: David is hiding something, and now Elizabeth's left to decode whatever that means. There has officially never been a show I was more perplexed by than Finding Carter, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try to figure it out — especially where David and Lori's connection is concerned.

After dedicating far too much time to trying to crack this one, here's my theory: Not only do David and Lori go way back, but it's also totally possible that he played a part in Lori being his and Elizabeth's egg donor in the first place. Maybe they had a relationship before (or, you know, during) his marriage to Elizabeth. Maybe they knew each other in some other way. But I have a bad feeling David might have done something to convince Lori to donate her eggs to the family, and now, Lori's coming back for what she feels is owed to her.

The possibilities range from totally insane to just a small amount of crazy here. On the insane end of the spectrum? Maybe David and Lori were having an affair, David asked Lori to donate eggs, and Lori — in her extremely convoluted way of thinking — thought this meant that she, David, and the kids would eventually have their own lives, sans Elizabeth. More likely? David and Elizabeth were struggling to find an egg donor who fit their criteria, and knowing Lori some other way, David asked her to donate her eggs. Maybe money exchanged hands. But there's absolutely no way that Lori just happened to be an anonymous egg donor who later went off the rails. Something else is at play here.

I really want to believe that David is a good guy, so I'm hoping that whatever this connection is, it has to do with him going to great lengths to help his family. That could possibly be forgiven. Anything else? It could result in David and Elizabeth's marriage falling apart forever.

Image: MTV