Artist Johanne Stötter Painted Two Women To Look Like A Chameleon And It's Incredible — VIDEOS

Sometimes I feel like the internet is a sentient being that just really likes to screw with us. Every day is April Fools' Day where the internet is concerned, because it revels in mining some of the most boggling and confusing images you'll ever see the whole world over. And now the mighty internet has struck again, by way of artist Johanne Stötter's images of chameleons that are actually actually two women whose bodies have been painted. I know it's still early in the week, so I need to prepare you all by reminding you that everything you know and love is a lie. Or at least, it sure seems that way, when you take a look at Stötter's work. The illusion he creates with the image of the chameleon is stunning enough, but when the two women start to unfold themselves from it, it is basically proof that magic is real.

Unsurprisingly, it took a whopping four hours to plan this intricate design, and another six hours to paint it on the models. Stötter is very careful to individualize each of his patterns to his models' unique body types, accentuating certain features to create the multi-faceted images he is famous for. Recently he posted a video depicting some of the process behind his recent chameleon creation.

Here's the image that you see right off the top:

Looks like any ordinary chameleon, right? You half expecting it to start munching on that branch and amble away. But instead, THIS HAPPENS.




Until slowly they start to unravel themselves.


And our chameleon friend splits itself in half.


And voilà! We have humans once more.


Here's the whole video showing the awesome progression:

Johannes Stötter on YouTube

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Images: YouTube (6); Imgur