Where Will 'Fast & Furious 8' Be Set? We Could Be Switching Coasts For The Next Movie

It's hard to imagine a Fast & Furious movie without Paul Walker, but it looks like more Furious sequels may be on the way. Star Vin Diesel has said he knows what the next "trilogy" would look like with the eighth, ninth, and tenth films, and studio execs have been open about wanting to continue the franchise with new characters. But where will Fast & Furious 8 be set if the next sequel happens? Again, thanks to Diesel, we know it could be in New York City.

"You know I always think of these films multiple pictures in advance — I think of them as trilogies," Diesel told Jimmy Kimmel while promoting the film in March. "So Kurt Russell came in for this movie, but we really hired him because of a story that follows this, that takes place in New York."

This hints that Russell's character, Frank Petty, could work with Dom (Diesel) in the Big Apple in future movies, or perhaps have a separate story arc that takes him to Manhattan. This would be an interesting new twist and would separate the past movies from the new "trilogy," making it a little easier to cope with Paul Walker's absence in the forthcoming sequels. Of course, we have to wait to see if these movies are greenlit, but given the success of all seven films — starting in 2001, by the way — it wouldn't be surprising to see them make the jump from California and Tokyo to NYC soon. Watch Diesel talk about the Fast & Furious future below.

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Image: Universal Pictures