Ludacris Imagines Paul Walker's Reaction To 'Furious 7' & Continues To Honor His Late Friend & Costar

Ludacris feels pretty wonderful right now, coming off of the record-breaking Furious 7, which raked in nearly $384 million at the box office. But he wants everyone to know that he is not the only one feeling wonderful about how the movie turned out. Ludacris imagined Paul Walker's reaction to Furious 7 , and in his opinion, his friend has definitely given the thumbs up of approval. Ludacris told E! News,

He is definitely smiling down and feeling great! There is no way better to leave his legacy than like a movie like this. The reviews and everyone that has seen it loves it, and it's not only the movie as a whole they are just loving the way we said goodbye to him.

Considering that Ludacris has already opened up to E! News about how the movie almost did not see the light of day and how the film was made in the late actor's honor, it is a very positive thing to see the tribute received so well. It's also great that he is being kept in his costars' thoughts even in the midst of all the craziness of opening weekend. And this is just the latest example of Ludacris paying homage to his late costar and friend.

Shortly after the car crash that tragically took Walker's life, Ludacris posted a touching image to his Instagram page honoring him, which can be seen above. Days afterward, Ludacris joined the primary cast members of the Fast & Furious cast for a private vigil with the actor's family. Though it was at a makeshift memorial, it was at the crash site where Walker lost his life, so it was undoubtedly an important place for him to be. When Walker was laid to rest, Ludacris attended the memorial service and shared a photo presumably used at the service, with a simple message "Always in our hearts."

Since then, leading up to the movie's release, Ludacris has been consistent in making sure that Walker got the proper homage and respect, no matter what it took. In a March 26 radio interview with Hot 97, Ludacris opened up about how production shut down entirely following Walker's death and at that point, they did not know whether there would even be a movie. But he said after four or five months passed, they all agreed that the movie needed to be done, for Walker and in his honor.

It is wonderful to see that the Furious 7 tribute seems to have lived up to all the enthusiasm fans and costars alike shared for Walker's memory. It seems like they made the right choice in continuing the franchise in a way they believe Walker would have wanted. Hopefully, we will continue to see more wonderful displays of tribute in the future.