Get Free Iced At Coffee Au Pain Today, April 7!

Spring is officially here, which means warm weather, ice cream and of course, iced coffee — a must have for any coffee lover. If you want to get in on a delicious iced coffee but are short on cash, you're in luck. Au Bon Pain is giving away free iced coffee from 2 to 7 PM today, April 7th! This afternoon, each customer will receive a complimentary medium iced coffee from the Boston-based chain at participating locations around the country.

Although no one can seem to figure out exactly why the coffee and bakery chain has decided to give away iced coffee today in particular, we're certainly not complaining. Many restaurants and retailers will create these faux holidays and for-no-reason celebrations in order to increase buyer awareness and as a result, get higher sales figures. Au Bon Pain is probably hoping you'll buy a croissant or mocha along with your free drink — or at least come back next week.


I can't think of a better way to treat yourself and celebrate the warm weather than getting some free iced coffee, though! Also, if coffee is not really your thing or you don't want to get a caffeine buzz too late into the afternoon, they're also offering iced tea. The coffee chain asked its customers on their Facebook page if they prefer iced tea or iced coffee — but although coffee took top slot with almost two-thirds of the vote, they certainly haven't left out the tea drinkers of the world. The free drinks are only available in a size medium and only while supplies last, so hurry and get to the nearest Au Bon Pain now!

If you're still not convinced, though, here are even more reasons you should get in on this deal.

1. You Can Use It For Motivation


Nothing gets me more pumped to work than getting a refreshing beverage to drink alongside my laptop. If you have a project or deadline you've been avoiding, bring your work to the coffee shop and use your free drink as fuel to drive your productivity.

2. Iced Tea is Good For You


If you enjoy iced tea more than coffee, you can also enjoy some of the health benefits that come with it. Iced tea is a good source of manganese, which boosts your metabolism and bone-strengthening flavonoids.

3. You Can Try Before You Buy


I'm always wary of going to coffee shops I've never been to before, since I fear I'll end up hating their coffee and wasting five dollars. Take this as your chance to sample some coffee from Au Bon Pain without any risk — after all, it's free!

4. Use it as an Excuse to Get Out of the Office


Okay, so while this may not boost your productivity in the short term, sometimes we all need a break from the grind. Even better, offer to bring your boss back a drink so you can be on their good side, meaning you earn brownie points while also scoring free drinks.

Images: Au Bon Pain/Facebook; Giphy (5)