7 Ways 'The Vampire Diaries' & 'Supernatural' Could Crossover, Because This Needs To Happen ASAP

Recently I've been thinking about all of the shows that Supernatural could crossover with (because the possibilities are pretty much endless), and I was hit with a sudden, kind of amazing idea. What if The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural crossed over? First of all, the result would obviously be titled The Supernatural Diaries — I know, I'm so clever.

When you really stop and think about it, the shows have so many innate similarities. I mean, they're both about supernatural beings, have garnered spinoffs, and center around two almost impossibly attractive brothers as they find their way through this crazy little thing we call life and also vampirism. OK, fine, The Vampire Diaries is just as much about Elena as it is about the Salvatore brothers, so I guess Charlie can be Supernatural's Elena. I'm not so sure how much she'd like that characterization, but she's a fictional character, so I'll let you know if she comes to me with any problems.

In the meantime, here are seven things that could happen on The Supernatural Diaries that would make it totally worth watching.

So Much Brother Bonding & Drama

Out of all of the characters on all of The CW's shows, Stefan and Damon have the most in common with Sam and Dean. They both lost their parents, they both feel relatively isolated, they're both pairs of brothers (obvi), and in both cases, the older brother is perceived as the more badass and smoldering one. I mean, they even have the same initials. This is pretty much fate.

So Many Possibilities For Love Triangles

Who else can see Elena saying this to both Sam and Dean at one point or another? Show of hands. Everyone? Cool, me too.

Sam & Dean Could Have A Way To Come Back To Life That Doesn't Involve Demons

If Sam and Dean had their own rings like the Gilbert Ring, it would have saved them so much trouble.

Damon Could Have Castiel As His New BFF To Help Him Replace Alaric

It might not be the same, but hey, it's something. I feel like if Castiel and Dean get along, then he and Damon would, too.

They Could All Team Up To Fight The Baddies

What with all of the bad vampires, werewolves, hybrids, doppelgangers, and everything else in the TVD universe, Sam and Dean would have a hunting field day. They could take Klaus, right? Maybe?

Maybe Jeremy Wouldn't Have Needed To Leave

He could have stayed in that bunker that Sam and Dean have, or gone to live with Sheriff Mills or their fellow hunter Garth. Just anything to keep that sex machine on the show!

It Would Give Sam & Dean Some New Creatures To Hunt

And what is variety if not the spice of life?

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