Who Is Pete Wentz's Girlfriend? Meagan Camper Is A Model & A Mother, & They're Oh So In Love

Middle school me really wanted Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson to stay together forever. Well, we all know how that one turned out, but it really seems like they both have moved on in the romance department. Ashlee Simpson is married to Diana Ross' son Evan Ross and they are expecting a child together. And Pete Wentz welcomed a baby with Meagan Camper, his longtime girlfriend. It appears that the twosome is going strong, so it's about time for us to learn a little bit more about her.

I definitely recognize the lady. She is the statuesque figure towering over Pete Wentz in paparazzi photos and red carpet appearances. So who is Meagan Camper? Where is she from? What does she do? How did she meet Pete Wentz? There are so many basic questions that we do not have answers to, so let's investigate a little bit further.

Camper was born in Carrollton, 25 years ago. Today, she's an accomplished model represented by Two Management. If she looks familiar, it's because you probably recognize her from one of her modeling campaigns. She has appeared in promotions for American Eagle, Urban Planet, Beachmint, and Closet Case Vintage.

Camper and Wentz began dating in fall 2011. Wentz himself seemed to be shocked by the pairing. In January 2014, he told Us Weekly , "It’s insane that she hangs out with me! I feel like [we look like] ‘hot girl pictured with homeless man trying to beg her for change.’ This is like charity work here."

The couple announced the they were expecting a baby on Instagram in February 2014, and in August of the same year welcomed a son named Saint Lazslo.

So, are these two going to get hitched any time soon? Nothing is definite, but it seems like the interest is there. When asked about the possibility of marriage in a 2014 Us Weekly interview, Wentz said, "I think so. I mean, we talk about it a lot. I feel really lucky. It's, like, really interesting [to be] in a relationship with someone who is truly my best friend. Like, I talk to her about everything." There's no word on a wedding date or anything like that, but it sounds like marriage is very likely on the horizon.

Right now it seems like Camper is focused on modeling and mothering, so marriage it seems like will have to wait. Especially with Fall Out Boy making a musical comeback these days. Camper and Wentz seem like they are in wedded bliss already without the actual marriage.

Oh, and how cute is this outfit?