'Girl Meets World' Adds Mr. Turner & Here's Why The Return Of Cory's Coolest Teacher Is Cause For Immediate Celebration

Story time: My first crush on a teacher wasn't even on a REAL teacher, but instead on Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World, and honestly, can you blame me? Mr. Turner was a hip, handsome motorcycle-riding maverick of a teacher when Cory, Shawn and Topanga met him during their first year at John Adams High. So, that said, you can imagine my excitement about this news: Mr. Turner is joining Girl Meets World! The writers confirmed that actor Anthony Tyler Quinn is coming back in an episode called "Girl Meets The New Teacher" — which is funny, because he's actually one of the OLD teachers. Get it?

Mr. Turner was a big part of Boy Meets World during Season 2 though Season 4, where he became close to the kids — especially Shawn, with whom he had a special bond with since they both had rough upbringings. Turner even let Shawn move in with him when both of Shawn's parents leave him (I AM STILL CRYING ABOUT THAT). Besides being a mentor/big brother/dad/hero type — and wearing skinny jeans and earrings — Turner was riding his wisdom motorcycle along the high school heart highway, teaching kids lessons in his unconventional ways. (And did I mention, he is a total babe?)

Quinn posted a tweet to get fans excited for his upcoming appearance, saying, "The cat's outta the bag. Mr. Turner rides again," and then, even better, Will Friedle (aka Eric Matthews, aka "The Good-Looking Guy") tweeted a selfie with Quinn. It's happening guys, it's all happening!

So, in honor of Quinn's upcoming appearance, here's what exactly it was about Mr. Turner that made myself, and coutless other Boy Meets World fans swoon.

He Was Suave From The Start

From his very first class, it was clear that Turner was a rebel teacher who could really connect to the kids. I mean, he reads X-Men; come on, people. He's got swagger, with that accent, that laidback way he kicks his feet up on the desk, that earring (why do I love the earring?)... Plus his accent that somehow makes even The Odyssey sounds even more badass then it is. I never had an English teacher like this — for shame.

His Bond With Shawn

Shawn always had it rough, and he was a diamond in the rough — JUST like Mr. Turner, which is probably why the two coolest but most troubled dudes on Boy Meets World immediately bonded. Mr. Turner even took Shawn into his home, because he has no second thoughts about being a father figure. He gets through to Shawn, and teaches him that families can be good.

His Soft Heart & Good Advice

Even though Shawn was Turner's number one, he was looking out for the rest of the high-schoolers at John Adams, too. He gives Cory some good advice about being a bully to Feeny in a satritical school newspaper, reminding him that when you are new somewhere, first impressions really matter. He taught Cory morality and ethos and compassion — and looked so dreamy in the process.

His Relationship with Feeny

It seems like they couldn't be more different, but even Cory notices that there are similarities between young, hip Turner and old, fuddy-duddy Feeny: "Like Feeny with an earring," Cory says when he meets Mr. Turner after he's been assigned to lead a group discussion. Also delightful is the fact that Feeny and Turner were friends: They hung out, and made cash-bets.

Thankfully for fans, Mr. Turner is back, he's still a babe, and we FINALLY get some closure on his mysterious exit from Boy Meets World.

Images: ABC; louisdimucci/Tumblr.