'Human Centipede Part 3’s Plot Is Here & Yep, They Managed To Make It Even More Disgusting

Mark you calendars, Centi-people, because on May 22, Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence) will hit theaters and Video On Demand. It is the third and final installment of Tom Six's Human Centipede trilogy, aka the unapologetically disgusting horror movies that depict demented individuals who get a kick out of attaching human mouths to human butts. Entertainment Weekly obtained the synopsis of the latest Human Centipede chapter, and boy howdy, it does not disappoint. After I read the nutzo synopsis, I stared at the ceiling for a while. How did we get so lucky to exist in a world where this film franchise exists?

Here is the synopsis of Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence) plus my annotations:

Bully Bill Boss has a nice ring to it.

Oh, man. I hope Bully Bill Boss doesn't do anything rash.

Eric Roberts is in this? Eric Roberts is in this!

Man, I hear that. When my AC-less apartment hits the 90 degree mark, I get mighty cranky.

Something tells me that “brilliant idea” doesn’t involve setting up a prison garden.

Something tells me that "revolutionary idea" doesn't involve organizing a therapeutic art course.

What have we here? Yet another madman inspired by the centi-premise?


This last line left me with several thoughts:

  1. I assume “jaw-dropping” is a pun. Normally, I’d applaud a pun, but given the context, this particular pun has me retching.
  2. 500-person centipede? That’s one thousand legs. Not to be “that guy,” but wouldn’t it be a human millipede?
  3. No one else working at the prison notices the 500-person centipede milling (PUN INTENDED) about? Or if anyone does find out about it, do they accept it and/or turn a blind eye? Do they just carry on like they didn't see literally 500 people attached mouth-to-butt?
  4. First it was three. Then it was 12. Now it is 500. When it comes to heightening, this franchise doesn't rein it in one bit. Tom Six has really done it this time!

I repeat: How did we get so lucky?

Image: Six Entertainment Company