There's More Kim & Kyle Drama On 'RHOBH'

We've still got one more installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion, and I've got to tell you. It's about that time in the season where these ladies have exhausted me. One of the reasons for that is because of all of the truly heartbreaking sister drama that has occurred between Kim and Kyle Richards during Season 5 of RHOBH and especially during the reunion.

During Season 5, we've watched Kim and Kyle's relationship deteriorate week after week, partly because of Brandi Glanville's meddling in their affairs and partly because of deep-rooted family drama. However, in five seasons of RHOBH, I've never thought their relationship couldn't be salvaged. That is, until I watched the second part of the RHOBH Season 5 reunion.

All was quiet on the Richards sisters front throughout most of the episode. Kyle used most of her energy to berate Brandi, while Kim focused on defending her sobriety. You know, business as usual.

That was until host Andy Cohen brought up something Kim said during that horror show of a dinner during the Housewives' trip to Amsterdam earlier this season. As you probably recall, Kim called out Kyle for not being supportive of her as their sister Kathy Hilton is.

When I watched Kim say that the first time, I thought that was an incredibly low blow. Siblings never like to be compared to other siblings. You just don't do that. Plus, Kim's never-ending accusations regarding Kyle's lack of support for her has contributed to the breakdown of their relationship. This comment was way more destructive than it seemed.

During the second part of the RHOBH reunion, Kim and Kyle continued to rehash the same argument. Kyle once again said the things Kim said and did during this season were very mean, especially the fact that she never came to her aid when Brandi attacked her. Kim didn't seem to bat an eye and said she felt like Kyle had been just as hateful toward her. It almost seems like Kim is completely uninterested in repairing this relationship, which she pretty much said during last Tuesday night's installment of the reunion.

Then things got really real. Kyle broke down because she felt like the end of their relationship means Kyle won't be able to see Kim's children anymore, kids she loves like her own. And those were not crocodile tears, my friends. Kyle's face was red and she could barely speak because she was so overwhelmed by emotion. I really hope these two can get it together, but by the looks of next Tuesday night's third and final part of the RHOBH reunion, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Sadly, I believe that.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo; Giphy