Kat Dennings Tried To Dye Her Hair With Coffee

I'm a sucker for Pinterest DIYs, like the scrabble tile coasters I managed to make for a friend's birthday, the printed vintage cloth napkins that I dip-dyed, or even when I made a yogurt and oatmeal mask for my face. But these DIYs don't always end up pretty. Case in point: Kat Dennings dyed her hair with coffee and ended up with an insane caffeine rush, she admitted to the world on The Jimmy Fallon show on Monday night.

Using six packs of Italian Roast, Dennings mixed the Starbucks instant coffee with conditioner and made a mixture that she then applied to her head. The problem? It went "right through her pores" and gave her a super intense caffeine rush. She jokes, "I felt like I was going to die!" Despite her efforts, there was no visible change, sadly. Since her hair is already naturally brown, the actress didn't find much of a difference.

Apparently, this DIY trick is insanely popular, with YouTube videos and Pinterest pages dedicated to this particular technique of dyeing hair. Though, Dennings missed one particularly important instruction—use decaf!

Another mistake she made: in most of the tutorials, the instructors advise doing this trick more than once, so you can let the color really soak in. After some Pinterest digging, I found that you can also apparently dye your hair with henna, lemons, walnuts, and sandalwood essential oil. Who would've thought?

Better luck next time, Kat! At least you came out with a good story, and didn't fail to give us another laugh.