Justin Bieber's 'Lip Sync Battle' Channels Ozzy Osbourne & His Scary Eyes Will Haunt You Forever — VIDEO

Get ready to have nightmares for years, everyone, because Justin Bieber's Lip Sync Battle as Ozzy Osbourne is downright terrifying. The pop star put on a long wig, black eyeliner and nail polish, and a myriad of rings to embody Osbourne as he lip-syncs "Crazy Train" on an upcoming episode of the hit Spike TV show. At first, it's laughable because Bieber without the swoopy hair is weird, and he kind of looks like a lady. But then he bugs his eyes out in true Ozzy style, gets really close to the camera, and it almost makes you want to jump back from your screen.

Bieber is up against former NFL player Deion Sanders in his battle — which will air later this summer — and watching Sanders' reaction is almost as entertaining as Bieber's performance. After The Rock's rendition of "Shake It Off" and Anne Hathaway's upcoming "Wrecking Ball" performance, the stakes are getting higher and higher for these celebrity lip-syncers, and at this point, it's best to expect the unexpected. Check out a clip of Bieber's performance below, but proceed with caution — it is scary, and you may never look at the Biebs the same way again. Maybe watching his roast will help after when you need a few laughs, though.

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

Image: Spike TV/YouTube