7 Beyonce "Die With You" Lyrics Ranked From Least To Most Intensely Romantic

On April 4, the same day that Jay Z announced that he would be pulling all of his albums off of Spotify and making them available exclusively on his new streaming service TIDAL, Beyonce put out a video for her surprise new song, "Die With You," a dedication of love on the anniversary of her marriage to Jay. We all know that Beyonce and Jay Z are giving us #RelationshipGoals. The song, which Bey released with a video of her flawless self looking casual as ever in braids and a bare face playing the piano, is a super personal message to Jay that she was generous enough to share with the rest of us normals.

But even you can still woo your boo with "Die With You," even if y'all will never reach a billion dollar romance. "Die With You" has pretty simple lyrics, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's almost cloyingly sweet, but in a good way, because can Queen Bey really do wrong?

Here are seven of the song's lyrics from least to most intense, which you can use at your discretion with your significant other, depending on what page you're on.

7. "Cause darling, I wake up just to sleep with you"

OK, that's sweet. But this one works really in Bey's favor just as much, because who the hell wants to get out of bed?

6. "I open my eyes just to see with you"

Pretty reasonable, but a sweet sentiment that Beyonce and Jay Z share a vision for their love (and they're inevitable world domination).

5. "I don't have a reason to cry and I have every reason to smile"

No more tears for Bey! Good. As it should be.

4. "I don't really need these fingers, if I can't be touching your spine"

Well... this line is a little creepy. Maybe Jay Z really just likes having his spine tickled? And girl, you DO need those fingers, because in this very video you show the world how fly you are at playing the piano!

3. "I don't need air in my lungs if I can't sing your song"

Obviously adorable that Bey and Jay use music as a metaphor for their romance, and without love, Bey wouldn't even have the will to sing. THAT would be a tragedy.

2. "I live so I can die with you"

DAMN. 'Til death do us part is apparently not something that Bey takes lightly. But I would argue that she's living for a lot of other stuff, like making perfect babies and music videos in a hotel room in a Kale sweatshirt.

1. "I don't have a reason to be if I'm not with you"

Dang, Beyonce would be willing to give up her WHOLE existence were it not for Jay's love. That's a loss that as a society we can absolutely not afford, so Bey and Jay BETTER be forever.

Even though it's unclear if or when "Die With You" will be released on iTunes, you can listen to the song and see the video on TIDAL.

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