'Twin Peaks' Cast Backs David Lynch In New Video & It'll Make You Want The Reboot More Than Ever — VIDEO

Though the much-talked about reboot of Twin Peaks for Showtime hasn't even reached our television screens yet, it's already complete roller coaster of emotion. Fans were overwhelmed with joy when Showtime announced a nine-episode revival of Twin Peaks due in 2016 with its original creator David Lynch at the helm, but that beautiful dream has already been dashed by... what else? Money. Lynch was originally set to direct, but announced on Apr. 5 that he had to bail because there was, according to him, "not enough money offered to do the script the way I felt needed to be done." Yikes. So this salary negotiation got heated enough not only for Lynch to walk, but also to speak about it publicly? That can't be a good sign.

But while conflicts of this nature typically do more to divide a cast than unite it, the people involved with Twin Peaks have been proving themselves to be a refreshing exception. (This is the original cast, mind you, because the reboot hasn't been staffed up yet aside from Kyle MacLachlan, who has been signed on to play the starring role in the series from the beginning). In a new clip, all the familiar faces from the original series joined up to create a video to throw their support behind Lynch, and make it clear to Showtime exactly how ridiculous Twin Peaks would be without him — citing examples from the series like "a pie without cherries." #truth.

Tamara Preston on YouTube

So adorable. Not only makes me want to spend some time on the original, but also makes me side hard with Lynch in these negotiations, since all Showtime has said is that the network "continues to hold out hope" that Lynch will come around. Nah. Wake me when you have a star-studded video about it.