How Divorce Affects Your Sex Life, Because Making Up For Lost Time Is Important

Despite the difficulty and drama often associated with it, a study found that divorce affects women's sex lives in a pretty interesting way. It seems that after years tied down to one person and a marriage that probably wasn’t all that (because why else would you divorce?), divorced women go back out onto the dating scene with a hunger that didn’t even have before they got hitched. In other words, when it comes to who’s having sex and with the most partners, that honor goes to divorced women.

As the study noted, when it comes to sex and single women, other research tends to put all “single” women in the same group, not breaking them down by their marital status. Marriage changes people. The woman you were the day you entered into your marriage is probably an extremely different person than the one who comes out the other side. Based on that fact alone, if we’re to accurately study the sexual behavior of all single women, divorced women should be analyzed separately.

While obviously separated and divorced women are more likely to have more partners in their life than married women, five or more versus two or more, because they have time both before and after their marriage to sleep with other people, what the researchers found to be interesting is that divorced women really do make up for lost time once they’re on the prowl again. Of the women surveyed, 16 percent of those who had never married reported having two or more partners in the last year, while 24 percent of women who were divorced or separated could say the same. So, not only are they making up for lost time, but they’re embracing their new freedom with a gusto they didn’t have even before they got married.

But where these divorced vixens are failing is in the condom department, with only 26.3 percent having used a condom the last time they had sex. Women who have never been married are far better with condom use, as 43.3 percent of them had used a condom the last time they got it on. Although, honestly, both those percentages really need some work, especially if those partners include one-night stands and casual flings, which I’m sure they do.

Although the divorce rate is pretty close to 50 percent, according to the American Psychology Association, there’s still some weird stigma attached to life after divorce, as if it’s somehow worse or not as good as the life before marriage. But that’s wrong. Just because you couldn’t make it work with one person, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your life, both sexually and otherwise, when you marriage comes to an end. But, seriously, divorced women of the world, use a condom!

Images: Jo* Pina/Flickr; Giphy