Frances Bean Cobain Doesn't Like Nirvana, But That Doesn't Mean She Lacks Respect For Her Father's Music & Talent

You know Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, but what do you know about their daughter? Well, did you know Frances Bean Cobain doesn't like Nirvana? For real. The daughter of Kurt Cobain — who committed suicide in 1994 at age 27 and fronted one of the most popular bands of the '90s — opened up about her father, as well as her taste in music, in an interview with Rolling Stone. And she isn't really into her dad's music. She revealed,

I don't really like Nirvana that much [grins]. Sorry, promotional people, Universal. I'm more into Mercury Rev, Oasis, Brian Jonestown Massacre [laughs]. The grunge scene is not what I'm interested in.

However, that doesn't mean she doesn't respect Kurt's music, his talent, and his ability to create influential songs. Frances said,

But "Territorial Pissings" [on Nevermind] is a f--king great song. And "Dumb" [on In Utero] — I cry every time I hear that song. It's a stripped-down version of Kurt's perception of himself — of himself on drugs, off drugs, feeling inadequate to be titled the voice of a generation.

Frances doesn't feel awkward for not being interested in her father's music. Actually, she thinks it'd be even stranger if she was an admirer. "I would have felt more awkward if I'd been a fan," she said. "I was around 15 when I realized he was inescapable. Even if I was in a car and had the radio on, there's my dad. He's larger than life, and our culture is obsessed with dead musicians."

With all of that said, Frances said it "would have been an incredible experience" to have had a dad around, but she still has his music and memory, especially since he's still influencing others. "The shelf life of an artist or musician isn't particularly long," she said. "Kurt has gotten to icon status because he will never age. He will always be that relevant in that time and always be beautiful."